The Importance of the Annual Wellness Visit

Going to see your doctor for your Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) shouldn’t be something you avoid.  Instead, making an appointment for an Annual Wellness Visit for you or for someone you love is a simple way to take control of your health again.

This one simple appointment known as an Annual Wellness Visit is actually known to cut hospitalization rates by 40 percent! Wouldn’t you rather make an appointment on your own time and ensure you’re healthy than find out about an issue after you’ve already landed yourself in the hospital?

Before you or your loved ones end up in the hospital from something that might have been prevented, make sure you are following up with your doctor for this specific kind of appointment.

What can I expect from my Annual Wellness Visit? 

Doctors will be most likely checking in with you on where you are with your own health and fitness goals. At the time of the Annual Wellness Visit, your doctor will ensure you are up to date on your immunizations, take the time to schedule any cancer screenings, and assess your risk for falling, the status of the health and safety at your home, any signs of early onset dementia, depression, or substance abuse. Finally, your doctor will review your medical history with you to make sure there is nothing outstanding that he or she should be aware of.

Annual Wellness Visits keep patients out of the hospital because in these appointments, immunizations and cancer screens are checked.  Through proper screening, cancer can be detected much sooner. The sooner cancer can be caught, the better chance an individual will have in getting a head start on the road to recovery.  When the AWV finds a gap in recommended immunizations, giving that immunization can prevent a hospitalization for influenza, pneumonia or even shingles.

Especially in regards to the elderly population, the doctor assessing the potential for a possible fall and encouraging the individual and their family members to take the appropriate measures can help keep someone who is vulnerable much safer. Physical and cognitive health are given the care and attention they deserve, as well.

For more information about the importance of an Annual Wellness Visit, please visit our website at You will find our short two-minute video on our homepage. If you’re ready to schedule your Annual Wellness Visit with Peak Annual Wellness Center, please contact us through the Contact page on our website.

Be well!

Jeffrey E. Epstein, MD is the Medical Director for Peak Annual Wellness Center in Lakeland FL.  Peak AWC’s mission is to help our seniors stay healthy so they can enjoy a high quality of life for as long as possible.   For more information,  

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