Keeping Our Seniors Healthy: 40% Reduction in Hospitalizations

Did you know that 80% of our seniors have not received the AWV which means that 80% are still at an increased risk of hospitalization?

In a study of 17,000 Medicare patients, done in 2015, Novus Healthcare found that the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) reduce hospitalizations by 40%.

How does the AWV reduce hospitalizations?

There are many thoughts about this, but most agree it is a combination factors.  Double checking the immunizations and cancer screens can turn up something that was missed, and closing that “gap in care” can prevent that condition which would likely lead to hospitalization or worse.  Screening for fall risk, home safety and memory loss, especially in those getting weak and forgetful, is also critical to preventing hospitalizations from accidents.

The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is a much more comprehensive visit than the “yearly physical” and it is tailored to find patients with “gaps in care”, who are at higher risk for hospitalization because of undetected vulnerabilities. The AWV is essential to have each year, in addition to the “yearly physical”.

Finally, the AWV Report is a written consultation, with summary charts that encapsulates the individual’s current health condition, identifies “gaps in care” and serves as a map for the care going forward. Individuals can share this report with any provider to help inform that provider of their overall health condition.

The best part of the Report is that it is a stimulus for important conversations between the patient and their family doctor. Part of staying healthy is about avoiding the avoidable and preventing the preventable.

Live well and live long. Get your Annual Wellness Visit each year to make sure your back is covered and your vulnerabilities are addressed.

Jeffrey E. Epstein, MD is the Medical Director of Peak Annual Wellness Center in Lakeland Florida. Peak AWC’s mission is to help our seniors stay healthy so they can enjoy a high-quality life while living long and healthy for as long as possible. The visit is free. No copay or deductible. Peak AWC only does Annual Wellness Visits. We make sure individuals follow up with their primary care physicians to discuss the “gaps in care”.  For more information, go to

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