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  • Stay Healthy, Live Longer & Enjoy Life

    Most Seniors are left uninformed about their healthcare benefits making them vulnerable to illness and accidents. We fill this gap by providing an Annual Wellness Visit that helps them to regain control of their health.

    Most Seniors are left uninformed about their healthcare benefits making them vulnerable to illness and accidents.
    We fill this gap by providing a Free Annual Wellness Visit that helps them to regain control of their health.


With an Annual Wellness Visit You Will:

Avoid Hospitalizations

Reduce the Risk of Strokes, Detect Cancers Early and Avoid Hospital Admissions by up to 40%

Receive a 5-Year Plan

You’ll receive an individualized 5-Year Wellness Plan along with a 90-day Action Plan.

Pay Nothing

The Annual Wellness Visit is FREE to Medicare Patients! No Copay. No Deductible.

The Annual Wellness Visit fills in what an Annual Checkup misses!
  • Cancer Screenings
  • Home Safety Screenings
  • Fall Risk Assessments
  • Auditory Screenings
  • Dementia Screenings
  • Immunization History
  • Depression Screenings
  • and more!
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3 Things You Can Do
Right Now To Stay Healthy

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What Makes The Annual Wellness Visit So Different?

Peak Annual Wellness Center is a new and unique type of medical practice committed to helping seniors maintain their health and well-being by making sure all recommended screening and preventive measures are up-to-date so that that illness is caught early or prevented, and traumatic accidents like falls are avoided.

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We accomplish this by performing the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV), which is free to all Medicare patients. We send the summary report and recommendations to your family doctor, so you can discuss an action plan going forward. This is a once a year visit and is covered 100% by Medicare.

This is not the "yearly physical", but is just as important to your health because it screens for conditions not covered in the yearly physical. We partner with your doctor to make sure your care is complete and of the highest quality so you can live well with the best health possible.

One of the easiest things you can do to live longer, stay active and enjoy a more independent life is an Annual Wellness Visit.

Because an Annual Wellness Visit lets you identify your risk factors and do something about them now. It’s not a regular physical but a thorough review with a licensed nurse practitioner about your current and future health.

And if you’re an eligible medicare beneficiary it comes at no cost to you!

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When you know your existing risk factors you can better address them and keep them from leading to more serious illness.

Preventive care is not the same for everyone. What’s best for you depends upon your medical history, your family’s medical history and how you live.

That’s why during your Annual Wellness Visit we’ll take the time to fully understand your current health and build a personal prevention and wellness plan. Your plan will detail all of the medicare coverage screenings you’re entitled to as well as other things you can do to stay healthy. And we can update you with that plan each year!


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Dr. Jeff Epstein
Dr. Epstein has spent the last 7 years working as a medical director and chief physician advisor at some of the largest healthcare systems in the country including Atlantic Health System in New Jersey and BayCare Health System in Tampa, FL.

Dr. Epstein is double boarded in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics and is an active member of the American Association of Physician Leaders (AAPL) and the AMA.  After graduating from Swarthmore College and Rutgers Medical School, he completed his residency at Scripps Mercy Hospital and Medical Center in San Diego, CA before working for the US Navy in San Diego and the US Army in Fort Dix, NJ during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Dr. Epstein understands the importance of making sure all Medicare patients are properly immunized and screened for medical conditions and trauma risks.  By doing this, hospital admissions are reduced by 40% and patients can stay strong and robust, living life to the fullest.

Dr. Epstein is excited about the impact that this visit can have on each individual patient and their family.  He is looking forward to meeting you or a loved one soon.